Fire Protection for Mezzanine Floors

The intended use of a mezzanine floor will determine whether fire protection is required.

As a general rule, to comply with building regulations, if a mezzanine floor has offices above it the mezzanine floor needs to have fire protection.

A mezzanine floor that is to be used for storage will require fire protection if any of the following apply:

  • The area of the mezzanine floor is 400m² or more
  • Any edge of the mezzanine floor is 20 metres or more
  • The mezzanine floor takes up more than 50% of the space in which it is installed
  • More than three people will be on the mezzanine floor at any one time.

Mezzanine Floor Fire Protection and Building Regulations.

Building regulations cover the aspect of Fire Safety within a building that includes a mezzanine floor. This specifically relates to the alarm systems, fire protection and the escape routes.

Fire protection is an important aspect of the building regulations and should be considered in the design stage of the mezzanine. This will prevent any shocks and surprises later in the process.

Fire protection includes a suspended ceiling below the mezzanine. This includes tiles that ensure protection for the floor for up to one hour after the start of a fire.

The exposed edges of the mezzanine floor will also need to have a fascia fitted.

A mezzanine floor is supported by columns, these will also require fire protection. This is normally PVC cladding that also gives protection for up to one hour.


If there are offices on the mezzanine floor fire protection is needed between the office area and the surrounding warehouse or storage area. This needs to provide at least 30 minutes of protection.

Normally this means that the fire rating on the edges of the offices on the mezzanine floor have to extend to the top of the building.

All mezzanine floors will require smoke detectors, emergency lighting in case of power failure, and fire exit signs to ensure people know the fastest and safest route out of the building in case of fire.

If you are proposing to install a sprinkler system under the mezzanine it may be that you do not require fire protection. However, this will often be a lot more expensive than installing the fire protection.

We can help

At WYCON (UK) LTD we employ an independent government approved building control inspector and we can guide you through part of the process or complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

This will ensure that your mezzanine floor complies with all the necessary regulations.

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