Mezzanine Floors in Hull

Wycon (UK) Ltd specialises in Mezzanine Floors Installation in Hull.

Wycon (UK) Ltd have a professional sales and installation team in Hull for all your mezzanine floor needs.

If you require additional storage or office space in a retail or warehouse environment in Hull a Mezzanine Floor is the most cost effective way of providing this.

A mezzanine floor allows for a second floor to be provided by installing a steel structure so transforming previously unused vertical space into profitable storage or office space. Mezzanine floors consist of a fully bolted steel structure with supporting columns anchored to the floor, taking up as little floor space as possible. Beams are then bolted on to the columns and the flooring installed on the top of the columns.

Every Wycon (UK) Ltd mezzanine floor in Hull is manufactured using the finest quality materials, and designed and installed to the highest standards to ensure a long and trouble free service life. All Wycon (UK) Ltd mezzanine floor projects start with a site visit from our experienced sales team and a fully detailed quotation is prepared for the customer’s approval before any manufacturing takes place. This ensures all our installations inHull are designed, manufactured and installed to the client’s requirements.

Mezzanine Floors Which Matches Your Exact Requirements

Wycon (UK) Ltd has extensive experience of designing, manufacturing and building mezzanine storage areas, warehousing, production facilities, retail areas, offices and showrooms that match your organisation’s requirements exactly.

Mezzanine Floors That Meet Your Budget

Our mezzanine floors are budget-friendly, in a number of ways:

When purchasing a mezzanine floor from Wycon (UK) Ltd you can be assured that we will completely manage the project for you whether it be a simple single tier or a multi tier mezzanine flooring system.

This includes: -

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